How-To Use

Printed designs have always had a presence within fashion, whether that be on a tote bag or a hoodie. This is a great way to allow individuals to showcase their unique style and make a personal fashion statement. At Printwear Giant, our talented print department ensures all our printed designs are of outstanding quality, we’ll bring your custom printed t-shirt design to life.

The Process

From interests and passions, to any messages you want to convey through your finished piece. Whether it’s a catchy slogan, bold graphic, or a personalised illustration, take the time to brainstorm and browse through our printed t-shirt options. Have a custom design in mind? Use our custom product designer to create your new custom tee.

Selecting Fabric & Garment Colours

While designing your custom t-shirt, also consider the fabric and garment colours that will complement your design. Whether you prefer cotton, polyester, or a blend, choose a fabric that aligns with your comfort and sustainability preferences. Additionally, select garment colours that will enhance the overall aesthetics of your design. 

Placing Your Order & Production

When you’re ready, upload and add your chosen design to our custom product designer. Here you can decide whether you would like to change the scale and positioning of your design, any colours, and more.